Sumi-e-painted Audi Q7 goes under the hammer in Japan

The Audi Q7, with its ample room on the exteriors proved to be a perfect canvas for Sumi-e artist Hidekichi. It has entered into the ‘premier car’ category at Yahoo! Auctions. It brings a splash of vibrancy and efficiency and all the uniqueness that the artist’s hand could conjure. The artwork signifies the aspect of speed blended with a radically new approach towards automobile design.

The vehicle will be available with standard took kit options, including a carat beige coat, matrix LED headlights, City assistance, and night vision, all at separate costs. The art on the outside of the car is indicative of the Q7’s agility and speed and shows an athlete dashing. ThTheacampaign’s success is evident from the bids that have poured in ever since the announcement was made. The highest bid is over 10 million Japanese Yen (which is nearly equivalent to $94,600).
Sumi-e-painted-Audi-Q7 (9)

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