The most expensive Pokemon Illustrator card sells for $224,500

For a Pokemon fan, a Pokemon card is worth more than diamonds, couture, holidays. Although these are available for the rich fans aplenty, the rare cards is what ranks highest in their wish lists. Which is why it’s not unusual to see rare Pokemon cards selling for astronomical sums of money. A Pikachu Illustrator card sold for $55,000 in 2016, while a sealed case of first edition cards fetched $70,000 earlier this year. News is a Pokemon TCG collector sold a rare Pokemon card for $195,000 at an event conducted by Weiss Auctions, an auctioneer based in New York. They also corrected the information later stating the listed sale price of $195,000 is only the initial payment made. Including buyer’s premiums, the total sale price of the card was actually $224,500. This makes “Pikachu Illustrator” care the most expensive of its kind. These cards are never sold publicly, making them rare possessions. The illustrator card is one of only 20-39 limited edition copies in existence. A little bit of historical trivia enters here; these cards were awarded as prizes to a select group of individuals who participated in one of three 1998 art contests organized by Japanese magazine CoroCoro.

Ever since they have been prized and are very sought after by people who consider them more than a piece of plastic.


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