Christie’s just auctioned the world’s largest heart shaped diamond for $14.9 million

Diamonds are every lady’s best friend. And if they are shaped as hearts these large, they can catch the fancy of even the manliest gentleman there are out there. We are talking about the ‘ La Legende’ – an uber-large and flawless diamond that was recently sold at an auction in Geneva last Wednesday.

Designed by Boehmer et Bassenge, a Paris-based organization, the 92-carat wonder is named ‘La Legende’ in honor of the royal jewelers to King Louis XV. Per David Warren, Senior International Jewelry Director for Christie’s, “The name is given to the stone by its current owners and whoever buys the stone will probably keep the name or they may add their name before or after. A stone of this size is a legend and It’s a very appropriate name for its owners to have christened it.” The mesmerizing ‘D Color’ stone comes suspended from a pearl sautoir necklace and it recently fetched $ 14.9 million at the Magnificent Jewels Sale in Geneva.

Sold at the low end of its estimated range of $14- $20 million, the heart-shaped sparkler nonetheless managed to set itself a new record being the largest diamond of its kind to be sold at auction. Other big sales for the evening included a 15.03-carat unheated Burmese ruby mounted on a diamond ring that fetched $12.9 million and a 7.97-carat fancy intense blue cushion-shaped diamond that fetched around $12.7 million.


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