The most expensive shoe ever made in New Zealand is worth $500,000

Girls love their fairy tales, and for most of us these are not just fables. We all wait for our prince charming, and love to become princesses in our own right. But if fantasies aren’t enough for you and you want a part of the stories in flesh and blood then Cinderella’s famed glass shoe is up for grabs. However, this one is much more than just plain glass: jewelery designer Sarah Hutchings has done up this Kathryn Wilson shoe in shimmering white diamonds. Set to be put under the hammer for charity it is estimated at about $500,000, making it the most expensive shoe ever made in New Zealand.

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The results of the silent auction will be declared at Wilson’s 2013 autumn/winter collection launch in Auckland later in the week. Other items on sale for the auction come from fashion photographers including Chris Sisarich, Rob Trathen and Olivia Hemus, and artists such as Henrietta Harris, Adrian Hailwood and Stella Castle’s take on Wilson’s shoes. Sale proceeds will benefit the Ronald McDonald House.

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