Up for grabs-The Moorman Polaroid from the JFK Assassination

When Dallas resident Mary Ann Moorman was standing at the curb on Elm Street in Dealey Plaza, little did she know that her vantage point of the JFK motorcade would prove to be an important link in history? As President John F. Kennedy’s car was passing her by, little did Mary know that the pictures that she took from her Polaroid Land Camera Model 80A, would capture the picture of the moment when JFK got shot at and assassinated. The picture captures the grassy knoll and Abraham Zapruder, who at that moment was making a home video of the motorcade. Dubbed as the “Moorman Polaroid”, the shot was used as evidence in the assassination investigations. While it was in the police custody, the photo was permanently marred by a thumbprint on the right of the center of the photo. The photo was also displayed at The 6th Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza, Dallas. At present, the photo is up for auction at eBay by Ms. Moorman and Legend Sales.

Mr. Lou Fausak from Legend Sales said that the auction would run for 10 days starting today and they were expecting the photo to bring between $500,000 and 2 Million dollars. To prove the authenticity of the photo Ms. Moorman herself is available to authenticate.

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