Could this be the world’s most valuable diamond?

Sotheby’s may have a historical sale on their hands. The auction house revealed that they have secured a D Flawless 102.34-carat diamond for their London showroom. It’s being touted as he largest and most flawless of its type – a globally significant gem. The diamond was mined from Botswana but boasts a Type IIA grading which was initially thought to apply only to diamonds mined in Golconda, India. This level of purity brings in serious buyers and the rock is expected to sell for over $33 million.

The round stone was cut from a rough diamond that was originally 425.40 carats when mined. Six month of cutting and polishing produced this 100 carat beauty as well as 24 other stones. The stone was mined by De Beers and cut by Diacore.

There is real buzz that Sotheby’s may have discovered the most valuable diamond in the world but as always, only time will tell. At the moment, the stone is on display at Sotheby’s on Bond Street in London.

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