World’s most expensive tuna fetches $400,000 in Tokyo

Along with precious metals and dazzling rocks, the value of a fish is also on a rise to break previous records. One of the most highly-prized fish used in Japanese raw fish dishes just fetched the highest price in Tokyo. Setting a new record at this year’s first auction, the 324-kilogram bluefin tuna was picked for almost $400,000 from Tokyo’s Tsukiji central fish market making it the world’s most expensive tuna. Ricky Cheng, the owner of the Itamae Sushi chain joined hands with Yosuke Imada of renowned Kyubey sushi bar to grab this fish more so for good luck. Wonder how paying the record-breaking price for a tuna is going to help them recover their investment based on good luck alone. It is also reported that Hong Kong branch of WWF has been on their case to stop including bluefin tuna on their menu as it poses serious risk of extinction. However this sale does reflect that the most exclusive and tough-to-obtain item is always the most sought after! Am sure this record-setting expensive tuna will give birth to a new record of world’s most expensive sushi.

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