You can now buy a lock of Marilyn Monroe’s hair for a cool $16,500

Marilyn Monroe has been the subject of fascination even years after she is gone. And in proving that fans would go any length to come any closer to the star is the news of a recent auction that plans on selling Monroe’s hair for a whopping figure of $16,500! Yes, you read that right! The iconic and pretty unusual sale will be conducted by Moments in Time, an auction house famed for selling celebrity memorabilia over the decades.

The 60-year-old locks of Monroe’s much sought after blonde hair will come packaged in a box that contains 2 specially designed glass framed pieces. While one part of the package will showcase the strands in question, another will house a photo of Monroe mounted to the glass. The display box will further come with a lid that has a piece of paper adhered to it from Monroe’s hair dresser of that time -Kenneth Battelle. The priced package dates back to 14th June 1959and is expected to fetch $16,500 on sale, a figure that stands in line with most other objects from the Monroe ensemble.

In the past as well, we’ve had several celebrities auctioning their hair for whopping sums. In 2016, Justin Bieber’s hair cuttings were offered on the market for $46,000, while the star himself gave off a few strands as a gift to Ellen Degeneres who later sold off the same on eBay for $40,668 to raise money for charity. If you’d fancy buying Monroe’s now not so luscious locks, you know what you got to do!


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