Avon is celebrating 135 years in business with a $1200 perfume

135 years in business is big deal and Avon, an amazing source of wonderful beauty products, personal care and fragrances is celebrating it in glistening style! Speaking of glistening, there is some stunning Swarovski in there, part of the very luxe $1,200 fragrance release. Agreed, it is a big leap from their regular range of fragrances that cost anything from $17 to $50 but there is no denying this hefty price tag will only pique the interests of perfume lovers. A momentous occasion like this requires some larger-than-life celebration and that’s exactly what Avon is doing with their latest offering. The highlight of the launch is certainly the perfume bottle; it features a very intricate and artistic 18-karat, gold-plated peacock complete with 21 Swarovski crystals and presented in a distinctive wooden collectible box. Aptly called Avon Charmed, this beautiful perfume will commemorate the big heritage milestone of 135 years in business in 2021.

The Eau De Parfum showcases three natural “Orpur” ingredients, including floral-spicy rose, jasmine absolute and rich, and woody-earthy patchouli. Only 1,886 bottles of Avon Charmed will be made as a tribute to Avon having been founded in the year 1886 for $1,200 a pop. For those who can’t wait to have this pretty peacock on their shelf, Avon Charmed will hit the market in late October this year.

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[Via – Allure]

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