Fancy a color? Chanel’s Lipscanner app will match a lipstick from any image for you

Do you know your favorite lipstick shade? If you do, it’s great, you have a vibrant companion, but on the flip side, it’s unimaginable for a woman to go through life without knowing her favorite shade of lipstick. I would call it a predicament but not without offering a solution; Parisian fashion brand Chanel has launched a stunning app called Lipscanner that will make life easier for lipstick lovers by using a combination of patented AI and AR technologies to allow you to identify any color and finish of lipstick from any physical or digital image. If you’re obsessing over color in a magazine, social media post, or someone standing right in front of you, remember the app on your phone and use it. Next, a corresponding Chanel lipstick or product that will flash in front of you may also be tried virtually. If you like it, take a photo and also share it with your girlfriends for their opinion. The app also obviously allows you to buy the liked product on Chanel’s website as that’s the whole point of this exercise.

This isn’t a groundbreaking app as L’Oreal’s AI-powered lipstick device creates a shade of your liking on the spot. Still, Chanel takes a solid stand saying that its algorithm “saves users the task of trawling through large online inventories by seamlessly doing the color recognition and matching for them,” and dubbed the app a ‘world-first for smart beauty. Lipscanner features all of Chanel’s lipsticks and glosses, nearly 400 of them in various finish options from matt to satin. Chanel’s Lipscanner is available to download for free now on iOS.

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