The luxurious Guerlain Flacon Tortue parfum will come in a Baccarat bottle

As is pure champagne to taste, thus is true scent to the smell – both evoke the gates of our senses to open up with no restrictions. This isn’t the world’s most expensive perfume, but the new fragrance by French perfumer Guerlain seems to be on a mission. The Flacon Tortue Parfum Exceptional Edition is a resurrection of one of the brand’s legendary scents, the Extrait du 68. The name appears to be a tribute to the shape of the bottle – a turtle-shaped bottle with the head of a falcon. It was first designed by Jacques Guerlain and launched at the Paris Guerlain boutique opening in 1913, at Champs Elysees 68. The new edition is designed by French crystal company Baccarat.

The scent is once again a union of opposites. Woody and leathery tones are interwoven with floral and fruity fragrances. The composition consists of mandarin, pink pepper, cardamom, immortelle, jasmine, benzoin, vanilla, cedar, white musk, apricot, rose, orange blossom, tonka bean and osmanthus. This explains the cost. It seems like Thierry Wasser, the perfumer, went hunting for scents across the world in much more than 80 days. There are only 47 of these pricy wonders, packed in a 60ml bottle and cradled in plush velvet each one would be selling for 9500 Euros ($10,100).