Tory Burch to debut beauty line inspired by her parents

When did we last hear of a “tomboy meets feminine” beauty collection? Umm, I’d say never. But if I did that again, the adage “never say never” would be set to cut me short just as Tory Burch is set to launch a beauty line and yes, with that aforementioned inspiration. For all those stunned by this revelation, I shall refresh. Tory Burch says she sought her perfume’s inspiration from a tomboy meets feminine appeal. The designer renowned for her breakthrough in the design industry with pricy but easy-peasy, no-hassle looks is known to have been much in awe of her mother. “My mom, who’s in her late 70s, when she doesn’t wear makeup or just a little bit, she looks so beautiful.” The family-founded stimulus doesn’t just stop here, though, “that’s one of my greatest memories of him, every day he was perfectly dressed and had a great scent,” Burch adds about her father. Much like her garments and shoes, even the makeup will be effortless.

The line will feature a $32 lipstick in Burch’s signature pink-nude shade and multi-purpose products, like a $48 bronze-blush palette and a $38 lip-and-cheek tint, favored by the blond designer herself. The fragrance will come in vintage-style bottles, like the ones from her mother’s vanity, and include ‘vetiver,’ a scent favorite of her father’s. There will also be other bath and body products in the fuss-free collection set to launch on September 26. An online presale is on the cards in early September, so for all the Burch-believers of “less is more,” the mantra should be pre-sold.

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