World’s first 4D skincare technology launched exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue

Recently launched in the US is the IOMA Sphere 2 or ‘A New Approach to the Future of Evidence-Based Skincare.’ It is the world’s first 4D skin measuring device. But before we start envisioning mental mini-clips of us sweeping our dresser tops clean of devious beauty cosmetics, let’s learn more.

Created in an 11-year long (that’s 110 in vanity years) process, IOMA Sphere 2 is a technological breakthrough for the beauty industry that fuses the four dimensions – invisible imperfections of the skin, skin structure, hydration, and ability to perfectly track skin. The machine photographs, analyzes, AND diagnoses skin, all in four minutes. Seven imperfections are measured: dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, redness, sebum, bacterial zones, and dark spots.

The result? A perfect assessment of one’s skin-ful needs allows for a personalized skincare regimen. The measurement that tests the skin surface over and under renders custom recommendations on choosing our skin and why. With skincare products from among the seven IOMA Pro-Line ranges and the personalized Bespoke Youth Rituals line, the futuristic skincare regime rallies to give your skin the best future. The IOMA Sphere 2 technology is available exclusively at select Saks Fifth Avenue IOMA locations in New York City, Beverly Hills, Costa Mesa, Houston, San Antonio, and Tulsa. IOMA me!

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