World’s first 4D skincare technology launched exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue

Recently launched in the US is the IOMA Sphere 2 or ‘A New Approach to the Future of Evidence-Based Skincare’. It is the world’s first 4D skin measuring device. But before we start envisioning mental mini-clips of us sweeping our dresser tops clean of devious beauty cosmetics, let’s learn more.

Created in an 11-year long (that’s 110 in vanity years) process, IOMA Sphere 2 is a technological breakthrough for the beauty industry that fuses the four dimensions – invisible imperfections of the skin, skin structure, hydration, and ability to perfectly track skin. The machine photographs, analyzes, AND diagnoses skin, all, in four minutes. Seven imperfections are measured: dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, redness, sebum, bacterial zones, and dark spots.

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The result? A perfect assessment of one’s skin-ful needs allows for a personalized skincare regimen. The measurement that tests the skin-surface over and under, renders custom recommendations on what to choose for our skin and why. With skincare products from among the seven IOMA Pro-Line ranges and the personalized Bespoke Youth Rituals line, the futuristic skincare regime rallies to give your skin the best future. The IOMA Sphere 2 technology is available exclusively at select Saks Fifth Avenue IOMA locations in New York City, Beverly Hills, Costa Mesa, Houston, San Antonio, and Tulsa. IOMA me!

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