Would you shell out $3,500 for a temporary boob job?

If you’ve been looking for a creative way to blow up your Vegas winnings, we’ve found you a purchase that’s equal parts exclusive and eccentric; ladies, say hello to the Temporary Boob job. Now we know what you’re thinking, ‘A temporary boob job? What good could that possibly do?’ but the truth is, that saline injections that doctors are now offering might seem appealing because they can afford you the best of both worlds. You can fill out your new Agent Provacateur corset on date night and still be a Skinny Minnie for in your Oscar De La Renta sundress the very next day (we can totally picture this exact sentence as the tagline in their marketing campaign)! Saline injections can expand the breasts for around 24 hours and were initially used to serve as a “test run” for women considering breast augmentation surgery, but more and more women are opting to skip the surgery and stick with the short term benefits of the injection itself.

Titled the “Lunchtime Lift” this procedure is already popular in Europe, however doctors in the USA warn that the fallouts of repeatedly opting for them include stretching of the skin and altering of the structure of the breast. However, one-off procedures are unlikely to have any side-effects besides bruising. But ladies, we have got to say, at $3,500 per session, this procedure is more of a scam than a solution. Leave the injections to the botoxed masses and stick with a good-old fashioned push up bra instead. We’re sure your breasts and your credit card will thank you!

[Via – Elle]

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