London to get the worlds first glass bottomed suspended swimming pool

If you reside in London’s new Nine Elms quarter, soon you’ll be in sight of quite a captivating vision. We’re talking about a sky pool. Okay, let’s think it through together! The 10 storey high pool will be built between two apartments buildings in the Embassy Gardens development. The 82 feet long pool will be enclosed within a capsule of 8 feet thick glass and of course, since its transparent, swimmers will get an exciting view of the London streets a frightening 115 feet below.

glass sky pool London residential area 2
Before you start calling your London realtor, let me present to you some facts and figures. The apartments in the luxurious complex are priced a staggering $9, 44,000 and only residents can take a plunge in the pool. The proposed structure is 82 feet long, 16.4 feet wide, and nearly 10 feet deep, and was modelled after an aquarium.

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The pool design was conceptualised by a trio of engineering firm Arup Associates, marine design engineers Eckersley O’ Callaghan and aquarium designers Reynolds. The amazing structure will be developed as part of the HAL-designed 2,000-home Embassy Gardens in the new Nine Elms quarter that’s currently under construction.

[Via – Inhabitat]