Spread across 17,500 sq.ft on top of the world’s tallest residential building. This $250 million triplex in Manhattan is all set to become the most expensive home in the US.

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Have spare $250 million lying around? That makes you eligible to buy US’s most expensive home located in Central Park Tower. The stunning triplex penthouse spans 17,500 square feet from the 129th floor to the 131st floor. The envious unit is the crowning glory of New York’s Central Park Tower, on the prestigious Billionaires’ Row, which also happens to be the world’s tallest residential condo building at 1,550 feet high. An iconic building can surely manage another record by selling the unit for an eye-watering price. If developer Gary Barnett has his way, he will achieve the country’s highest-ever home sale price beating the current record of the $225 million listing for Michael Eisner’s California estate. “The nine-figure club is a special club, and that club is also now looking to own nine-figure real estate,” said listing agent Ryan Serhant of Serhant told the Wall Street Journal.

The lavish home is spread across 17,500 sqft.

“It’s a new paradigm now. The uber-wealthy are looking for places to diversify assets, and real estate has become one of the most popular and sought-after mega-assets. The levels have exploded.” The triplex penthouse comprises seven-bedroom boasting heights of up to 30 feet. There are no less than 11 bathrooms, glass walls soaring 27-foot high ceilings, two kitchens, and several living and entertainment spaces. The floors are connected via an eye-catching winding sculptural staircase.

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View from the club. Via – Evan Joseph

The cynosure of this spectacular abode is a private, nearly 1,400-square-foot terrace overlooking Central Park and the Hudson and East rivers. With three massive floors at disposal, the uppermost floor is currently configured as a private ballroom or entertainment space, which could well be the highest private ballroom on Earth. Despite the famous building’s dazzling views and huge area, the $250 million price tag doesn’t seem entirely justified, especially after learning that the Aman New York at 730 Fifth Ave had the highest-priced condo closings. Per the Post, the units were sold for $53.38 million for a four-bedroom spread to $75.89 million for another four-bedroom home, according to data from Marketproo.

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The Central park tower dwarfs most of the developments on billionaire’s row.

Developer Gary Barnett begs to differ and states, “There’s a bunch of artwork going for $100 million and even $200 million. When you compare that to 17,000 feet of steel and brick and glass at the top of the world, this seems like a relative bargain.”

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