Owner boxes are passe’ – Qatar’s new World cup stadium will offer luxury suites with beds

The world’s biggest club ground in world football, Camp Nou can house a total capacity of 105,000 people, while Soccer City, South Africa can fit in 94,000 people. That’s the average number of people I am jealous of every four years when they enjoy the madness and adrenaline of live matches at various stadiums. But now this madness has been revamped to another level where people who won’t be able to make it to watch the 2022 World Cup will feel some major FOMO. Qatar’s new World Cup stadium will offer luxury suites with beds; you read that right! The best thing is happening to the best game in the world; like just being there in presence wasn’t enough you can literally eat, drink, sleep and watch the 2022 World Cup from the comfort of your suite. Host country Qatar is geared to impress and is building six brand new stadiums which are already nearing completion with 3 extra years in hand. If a recently circulated video is anything to go by, they will offer a level of luxury matched only by your favorite five-star hotel.

To be honest, fans wouldn’t care much about what the suite provides as long as they get to enjoy the game in the best way possible, and that’s where the suite impresses even more. Through the massive window at the end of the room is the pitch; guests can simply be able to open the door and step out from their bedroom and cheer on their country in their slippers and dressing gown. If your team loses, the beds right behind you to plop into and cry! In addition to the hotel-like suites, the Al Bayt stadium, which is set to host the semi-finals in 2022, will include a park, a lake and a retractable roof that can be opened in just 20 minutes. Following the tournament, the stadium’s upper concourse is expected to be turned into an actual hotel.

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