Spread across 15 floors this underground missile silo is converted into a luxury survival home that has its own pool, dog park, gym, bar, cinema and more

When catastrophe strikes the rich will be protected by an umbrella of luxury. Survival is anything but impossible without a volcanic-ash scrubber, a decontamination room, a waterslide, and innumerable luxuries. This is why this uber-luxurious, super-secretive survival condo located in Concordia, Kansas will be the last luxury survival resort, quite literally. The luxury condos are created inside the nuclear-hardened bunker with walls as thick as 9 and 1/2 feet made from epoxy hardened concrete that was built back in 1960 to house and protect the atlas nuclear missiles. The residents of these condos will enjoy luxurious kitchens and bedrooms, a community movie theater, a library, fitness center, rock climbing wall, in a structure that includes 15 floors, of which is 200 feet below Earth’s surface. Clients can purchase half-floor units, full-floor units, or a penthouse, which consists of two floors. The half-floor units will set buyers back a cool $1.5 million, while an opulent penthouse goes for $4.5 million. Let’s take a closer look at the different impressive aspects of this structure that spreads across 54,000 square feet-

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This is the survival condo inside a former missile silo in Kansas. The complex is spread across 15 floors and can house 75 residents. It includes the pet park, climbing wall and swimming pool complete with water slide.

As the Survival condo goes 200 feet underground, it features TVs instead of windows, showing a view of the outside world.

The apartments are very tastefully designed and have all the goods a luxury apartment could want with three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

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Other than luxurious kitchens and bedrooms, there also exists a community movie theater, a library, a rock climbing wall, and a recreational accouterment.

The world’s most high-tech bunker can’t be one without a fitness center equipped with the best-in-class equipment, bikes and sauna rooms included.

The kitchens are great-looking with avant-garde equipment that keeps things smooth and easy in the cooking department. You can spot fine stainless steel appliances, a Sub-Zero fridge, and a wolf cooktop too.

If you miss the outdoors and some rock climbing activities while the world is coming to an end head straight to the section that holds a climbing wall to help you out of the boredom.

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