21 Savage, a popular rapper has a one-off gaming bed that costs $100,000

Ever wondered what a $100,000 bed custom built for gaming nerds look like? Well, here it is! It is a common practice for rappers and other celebrities to take to Instagram to show off their latest toy, and this ultimate gamer’s creation made its first public appearance on American-Come-English rapper 21 Savage’s Instagram stories. A short video was also posted on Instagram by the rapper’s friend, DJ Akademiks, showing off the insane $100,000 gaming bed. Savage introduced the bed on the social media platform by writing: “That’s how we comin’ all 2019. Everything exclusive, everything one of one, man, no number two… This is what a $100,000 bed looks like right here. It’s got shades and all that type of shit… One of one. The first one in America with it, man.”

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#21savage copped a $100,000 bed.

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The highlights of the gaming bed include a massive front panel which doubles up as a huge projector TV, motorized shades on the side of the bed and presumably all major gaming consoles and games. The bed is also equipped with top-of-the-line audio-system. Although, Savage 21 has claimed that the bed is one-of-a-kind, without giving us any information of the creator of this gaming bed, some have identified it as a custom version of the ‘Smart Bed’ made by Italian smart furniture manufacturer Hi-Interiors. In addition to the added gaming capabilities, the Smart Bed can monitor sleep patterns and adjust pillows with the push of a button. It has a starting price of around $40,000.


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