Adam Sandler donates Playstations to Israel

When you happen to be a celebrity, you can do anything ridiculous and still make it to the headlines. The King of light-hearted comedy, Adam Sandler has made news by announcing earlier this week that he would donate 400 Sony Playstations to Israelis whose homes were damaged in the fighting. Video games! Is that what is needed in the time of crisis? Well our star of Happy Gilmore, Click categorically believes so. Adam Sandler is doing his part to help Israel following its 34-day war with Lebanon. The 39-year-old made the pledge during a meeting in Hollywood with Ehud Danoch, Israel’s consul general in Los Angeles.

Sandler is one of many Hollywood personalities to donate to Israel, thanks to Ehud Danoch, Israel’s consul general in Los Angeles, whose job is to “describe damage sustained by Israel and to explain the country’s position on the current cease-fire and threats posed by Hizbullah and other regional forces”.

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