American billionaire David Geffen slammed for flaunting self-isolation onboard his $590 million super yacht

In the helpless times of Covid-19, the last thing we want is for a pompous brat to boast about his riches. But doing just that is billionaire record producer -David Geffen who is recently posted an ill-thought commentary and a rather skewed display of solidarity on social media

Like the many who are currently posting self-isolation pictures on Instagram, Geffen too took to Instagram to put up a photograph of himself on his $590million superyacht called the Rising Sun. His post read – “Isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus — I hope everybody is staying safe.”. However, the music producer’s exemplary views on the pandemic were soon met with heavy criticism.

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Calling it a ‘tone-deaf’ response to the global crisis, a social media user lashed out on Geffen saying – “David Geffen makes me wish I knew someone with a fully armed F-18,” while another wrote- “Maybe if he made a large donation for medical protective gear for our overworked nurses, doctors, and medical staff, he wouldn’t come off as an elitist jerk.”

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The post also received backlash from celebrities with “The View” co-host Meghan McCain stating – “For God’s sake help this country get ventilators, our health workers masks and the medical supplies they need! Or no, just stay on your f**king yacht Instagramming. This is just shameful and grotesque.” While Geffen responded by making his account private, we wish he’d have done more than just that!

[Via: ET Canada]

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