Angelina Jolie named ‘Godmother’ of bees in a new humanitarian venture with Guerlain and UNESCO

The world needs to take their bee-business seriously and Angelina Jolie will show them how with help from Guerlain. The French cosmetics brand and Jolie have partnered with UNESCO to train 50 women beekeepers as part of a 30-day program. The plan is to aid 50 women in undertaking the program, resulting in 2,500 hives built-in 25 different UNESCO biosphere reserves around the world and have as many as 125 million bees restocked. The actress and humanitarian are named the Godmother of the “Women for Bees” entrepreneurship program. The training is overseen by the French Observatory of Apidology (OFA), where participants learn how to run their own apiaries and learn the protocols to sustain their colonies. Jolie’s role as Godmother will see her meet the trainees and track their progress. “Guerlain has a genuine commitment to the environment, sustainable development, and the communities they work with. That’s what brought us together, and Women for Bees is a wonderful extension of that. When women gain skills and knowledge, their instinct is to help raise others. She added, “I’m excited to meet the women taking part in this program from all over the world. I look forward to getting to know them and learning about their culture and environment and the role bees play in that. I hope the training will strengthen their independence, their livelihoods, and their communities.”

Ten women will be invited from all around the world right from Cambodia and Bulgaria to Italy, China, and Rwanda – to undertake the 30-day training at the Massif de la Sainte-Baume in France’s Provence, every year, over five years.

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[Via: Harper’s Bazaar]

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