Angelina Jolie wants Russian spy Anna Chapman to attend Moscow premier of Salt

Redheaded Russian spy Anna Chapman has attracted the attention of the world. One such person to stop and take notice of this Russian spy is none other than Angelina Jolie. Rumors suggest that Angelina Jolie personally requested that Anna be invited for the Moscow premier of her latest movie, Salt. Jolie, who plays a Russian spy in America, has publicly spoken of her incredulity at the unexpected link to a real-world spy drama. To help promote her movie, Angie has gone ahead and requested local promoters of the Russian premiere of Salt to contact Chapman and invite her. The only hurdle is that nobody has a clue where the spy is currently residing. Reports say that Chapman referred to as ‘Agent 90-60-90’ by the Russian media due to her bootylicious figure (90- 60-90 refer to measurements in centimeters), is being interrogated by her superiors along with nine fellow deported agents at an undisclosed government compound in Moscow.

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The local promoters have, however, sent an invitation to Chapman’s last known address. Will the spy get the message and be the arm candy of Angelina Jolie at the premier? We can only wait and watch.

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