Billions of dollars in annual spending, massive testing and a global alert system – Bill Gates outlines an effective strategy to prevent the next pandemic

The world may be full of terrible things but it’s also the home of some very beautiful people case in point Bill and Melinda Gates who started the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in 1994. The well-meaning power couple has given $45.5 billion to charitable causes. More recently, Bill Gates has contributed $650 million in the fight against COVID-19 via his foundation and was optimistic in the fight against the virus stating the situation would improve by the year 2021 and things will begin to look up for the world. One of the most dependable brains in the world, the man’s words of wisdom are one that needs to be taken seriously. What the billionaire philanthropist has revealed will shake everyone up a bit as according to business leader Bill Gates’ 2021 annual letter on his blog, the next pandemic might be the result of bioterrorism. He believes the world wasn’t ready for Covid-19 but has learnt its lesson nonetheless and has outlined a strategy to tackle the next inevitable catastrophe. Gates advises calling for a global alert system, massive testing, a cadre of 3,000 “first responders” ready to spring into action, and tens of billions of dollars of annual spending to prevent the 2020 debacle. By the time the next pandemic arrives, Gates said he hopes to see “mega diagnostic platforms, which could test as much as 20% of the global population every week.

Gates mentioned, “The world needs to spend billions to save trillions (it cost the planet $28 trillion to defend itself from Covid-19). To prevent the hardship of this last year from happening again, pandemic preparedness must be taken as seriously as we take the threat of war. The Gates Foundation has invested $1.75 billion in the fight against Covid-19, and Melinda Gates states, “Until vaccines reach everyone, new clusters of disease will keep popping up. Those clusters will grow and spread. Schools and offices will shut down again. The cycle of inequality will continue.”

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