Brangelina board a private train instead of a plane for Glasgow

When you have six kids and are the peace ambassador for the UN, putting the environment first becomes your first nature, right? At least that seems to be the case with Angelina Jolie as she chucks the comfort of a private jet and a chauffeur-driven limo to join her partner Brad Pitt along with the kids on a the five hour, 350 mile journey from London to Glasgow. The train rented exclusive by the family was to join the hunk for the shooting his new movie World War Z this week.

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The train also carried an “entourage of bodyguards and nannies”, but they didn’t really reach Scotland from the Euston Station in London. Instead they were directed to a special platform (like in Harry Potter??) where a private Virgin train was all ready to which them off to Glasgow. While Virgin is tight lipped about the cost of the trip a rival company reportedly offered a quote of $41,000 for a one-way trip from London to Glasgow one way without any food. And we have no reason that they would starve any way so the figure is bound to be much higher!

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