Donald Trump starts accepting gold instead of cash from tenants

In ancient times when money was not invented, trade survived on barter system only – goods in exchange of goods. Such a system comes into practice even today when currency is considerable unstable and monetary crisis is looming over all. Apmex, one of the nation’s largest and most active precious metal dealers has traded three 32-ounce gold bars with Donald Trump. And what does Mr. Trump give him in bargain? A 10-year lease for 40 Wall Street’s 50th floor valued at a security deposit of about $176,000! This sets a record as it is the first time the Trump Organization has accepted 99.9% pure gold bullion.

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Trump validates his action by quoting, “It’s a sad day when a large property owner starts accepting gold instead of the dollar. The economy is bad, and Obama’s not protecting the dollar at all….If I do this, other people are going to start doing it, and maybe we’ll see some changes.

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