Disturbed by his lavish lifestyle – Ed Sheeran’s neighbors have started to keep a count on the number of times he uses his helicopter.

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Ed Sheeran’s neighbors seem to be pulling off a Jack Sweeney (the 20-year-old student known for tracking private jets of billionaires) as the nosy neighbors are counting the number of times the ‘shape of you’ singer uses his chopper. The 31-year-old English singer-songwriter has a private helipad which he can access only 28 times a year. The Grammy nominee resides in a multi-million ‘Sheeran-villa estate with his wife Cherry Seaborn and their daughters. The sprawling $5 million Suffolk estate comprises five houses, a football pitch, an orchard, an outdoor kitchen, an entertainment area, and a ‘wildlife pond.’ Still, officially, it doesn’t have a helipad.

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He uses a private patch of land as a helipad, and that amenity comes with its set of rules. The Galway Girl singer can access this private helipad only 28 times a year, and that’s got the neighbors counting. I wonder if a tally mark chart is stuck on their fridge to keep score. A source shared with The Sun, “Some of Ed’s neighbors have been counting the number of times he uses a chopper. He can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to his house.”

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Ed Sheeran has slowly bought a total of 4 homes in his neighborhood.Via Twitter / @World Music Awards

The source added, “Some of them have kicked up a stink before about his plans, and now they’re on helicopter watch. If Ed lands more than 28 times in a year, he’ll have to get retrospective planning permission for the helipad.” Perhaps Ed Sheeran should dish out a rendition of Akon’s “Nosy Neighbor’ to shut them out.

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