Is Mark Zuckerberg showing off his mastery of the electric surfboard skills next to his fleet of superyachts?

Via Instagram / @zuck

Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg is the toughest CEO in Silicon Valley. This is an established fact, owing to his publicized passion for mixed martial arts (MMA), the rigorous Murph Challenge, and even hydrofoiling while holding the American flag. While the tech tycoon, worth $163 billion, accomplished these tasks in the pink of health, it is noteworthy that he hasn’t lost his chutzpah post-knee surgery.

Via Instagram / @zuck

In November 2023, a sparring MMA session ended with a knee injury, but the billionaire was back in his element doing what he loves, according to his Instagram post.Mark shared a series of images with his 14 million Instagram followers and captioned his adrenaline-filled carousel, ‘6 months post-surgery and glad to be back on the foil. And I didn’t even fry my Ray-Ban Meta glasses taking videos!’

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The American businessman did more than just advertise the Ray-Ban Meta glasses; his sheer determination and love for adventure sports caught the attention of the internet. Zuckerberg’s video showcases him in action in a pristine private space, perhaps on a remote island.

The 40-year-old recently celebrated his milestone birthday on his newest acquisition, a $300 million luxury vessel named Launchpad. With this luxury vessel in his possession and his recovery in full swing, it was perhaps time to take his toys out to play! The ship is en route to the port of Road Town, British Virgin Islands.

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