Longer than a football field, an indeck pool, an ambient cinema and more – Jeff Bezos is building a humongous luxury yacht. The $500 million vessel will have a support yacht with its own helipad.

“There, outside Rotterdam, a new creation was secretly taking shape: a 127-meter-long, three-mast schooner about which practically nothing was known, even in the whispering confines of luxury boat builders—except that upon completion, it will be one of the finest sailing yachts in existence.”

This is an excerpt from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ upcoming book. While the world waited anxiously to hear of Bezos’ plans after he steps down as the online giant’s CEO, this news pretty much fits a perfect bill.

The yacht is expected to be one of the most expensive of its kind, estimated to be around $500 million, and will be built by Oceanco – a Netherlands-based yacht manufacturer. This superyacht is magnificent and grand; it will have its own support boat with a helipad. That is convenient and inevitable, considering the current partnership between Bezos and helicopter pilot Lauren Sanchez. Reports say that even Bezos has been taking flying lessons.

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The design is expected to be based on Oceanco’s 108 meter Black Pearl, which is currently the largest and ‘technologically advanced yachts in existence. What’s more, they will feature three giant masts to help power the mammoth, with several decks. One report described the yacht as tall as ‘the Great Pyramid at Giza’ and will feature an in-deck swimming pool, an ‘ambient’ cinema, part of the several decks.

Via Instagram / @oceancoyacht

This news makes Bezos a member of the super-elite mega yacht owners club. When you are worth close to $200 billion, this may not punch any holes anywhere. However, there is one thing that may raise an eyebrow. While it can be shrugged as one of the rich man’s fancies, being a superyacht owner and all, in the case of Bezos, one can’t help but wonder what it is that he would preach through his Bezos Earth Fund initiative. Apparently, that is the plan post-retirement – to spend time on his philanthropy. A yacht that size, with a support yacht just for a helipad, will not be such a breeze with convincing others to part their wealth for a cause that fights these!

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Via Instagram / @oceancoyacht

Then again, so long as the funds reach the deserved lot, who’s complaining. Reportedly, since the outbreak of the pandemic, yacht sales have risen. People want to stay away from crowds and keep socially distanced. They are very thoughtful, responsible, and vigilant of them, running to the seas when the land is infiltrated with viruses. It is a shame that he didn’t add pandemic aid to his list of philanthropic initiatives; certain countries whose governance has in hiding could very well benefit from them.

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