Double centibillionaire Jeff Bezos was groaned at a star-studded charity dinner for donating just $500,000.

Via Instagram / @laurenwsanchez

The world’s wealthiest person Jeff Bezos attended the glittering Baby2Baby 10th anniversary gala in West Hollywood on Saturday night with his partner Lauren Sánchez. The man, whose net worth is a startling $177 billion, attended the event looking dapper in a tuxedo with his glamorous partner, who also made hearts go aflutter in a black ruched gown. The following sentence should be on the lines of- The man and woman who dressed to the T to attend a fundraiser, who have more money than we can spend in a lifetime, made a substantial donation.

Via Instagram / @laurenwsanchez

However, the Amazon tycoon looks determined to become the second most hated man on the planet, too (first is irrevocably Donald Trump). The affluent couple managed to raise eyebrows by looking glamorous and rearing to go, and then they raised eyebrows for acting cheap at the A-lister-studded event and not donating. Only after someone else from the crowd gave a million did Bezos finally feel a bit embarrassed, and he coughed up $500,000. For those who don’t know, Jeff Bezos makes $142,667 per minute. The glittering crowd at the fundraiser certainly knew that detail well, as even after donating half a million; he successfully managed to become the villain there too.

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An insider shared with Page Six, “Everyone was waiting for him to donate something, but he didn’t. Then someone donated a million dollars. And then, a little later, [Bezos] donated $500,000. There was an audible groan from the room.” He continued, “If someone else can donate a million, Jeff Bezos can donate more than a million.” Absolutely! Perhaps fundraisers aren’t Bezos’s thing, or this one left him grumpy after reminding him of the 10th Annual Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) Art and Film Gala. His girlfriend Lauren Sanchez was caught ogling Leonardo Di Caprio, leaving Bezos incredibly jealous! Bezos called out to Di Caprio on Twitter and jokingly threatened to throw him off a cliff. I am confident the organizers of this fundraiser would’ve harbored similar feelings for Bezos after witnessing his cheapness.

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