Is Jeff Bezos’s yacht fleet gearing up for the billionaire and his fiancée to spend the summer in Europe? While support vessel Abeona has already reached Turkey, the Koru sailing yacht is undergoing maintenance and a multimillion-dollar refit in the South of France.

Image - Diario de mallorca

Amazon co-founder Jeff Bezos’s vessels are gearing up for a busy summer ahead. We can say that with confidence as superyacht Abeona, the $75 million yacht that follows the $500 million mothership Koru, recently made a trip towards Europe. The 247-footer took about 12 days to cross the Atlantic and stop at Gibraltar. It is a popular port known for tax-free fuel, ideal for a British crew to enjoy treats and shopping in the British area.

Koru is usually accompanied by the Abeona. Image – Diario de mallorca

Abeona Yacht went from Fort Lauderdale to the port of Gibraltar, making a journey of nearly 4,400 nautical miles. The 1,900 GT boat is capable of cruising 5,000 nm on a single tank, but this trans-Atlantic trip would’ve emptied its resources over a period of 12 days.

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The La Ciotat shipyard in France is one of the region’s largest and most modern shipyards.

The vessel went from Gibraltar to Gocek in Turkey, perhaps awaiting the arrival of her centibillionaire owner, Bezos, and his fiancée Lauren Sanchez, to kickstart their summer sojourn. The megayacht Koru is better suited to their tastes and status, but it is currently undergoing work at the La Ciotat shipyard. The 417-footer has been in the South of France for over six weeks, and who knows, it may also be heading to Gocek soon if the tech tycoon is indeed coming to Turkey.

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Superyacht Abeona is a beautiful vessel that comfortably accommodates 45 people, including crew, guests, and “specialist staff.” Damen Yachting’s support ship is the shipyard’s largest custom-built shadow yacht, featuring a helicopter hangar and carrying an arsenal of tenders and toys. While it is no Koru, the vessel is good enough on its own, even for the second-richest man in the world, worth $207 billion.

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