While Donald Trump proudly flashed a $36,000 watch at the Oval office – President Joe Biden’s entire watch collection costs a humble $29,000 and yet it transcends genres, styles, and even generations.

President Biden wearing a Rolex Datejust. Via - @TheOvalPawffice

The Oval Office has been fortunate, in recent years, to have some of the most memorable caricatures serving as Presidents. From the swagger of Bush to the suave of Obama, and more recently, the charismatic exuberance of Donald Trump. Terms have ended, eras have ended and today, we have a rather curious case of Joe Biden occupying the world’s most coveted seat. As the leader of the free world, President Biden is significantly unassuming as compared to his celebrity predecessor, but also packs in significant grace. And what better than his collection of watches to his character perfectly? Every POTUS dons a WOTUS, and we’re running our fingers through this collection.

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His love for classics is no surprise
Without treading on the traps of ageism, the style and demeanor of Biden bear a classical allure. He’s rather stiff and staunch when it comes to his personality, and also his style. He sticks to his infamous Ray-Bans but also loves his Omegas. He owns his 2017-purchased Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, which costs $6,300.

Biden wearing the Omega Seamaster Diver. Via Instagram / @niccoloy

Another Omega that adorns Biden’s wrist is the Seamaster 300m Diver. He is known to have owned the classic James Bond Seamaster and seems to have updated his collection. He was spotted wearing it with a black dial during his presidential campaign. Of course, all the waving must’ve surely given it away.

President Biden wearing a Vulcan for his official portrait. Via Instagram / @niccoloy

Yet, another classic in the President’s top drawer is Swiss watchmaker, Vulcan’s Cricket Alarm. This watch is said to be among the earliest ones, available with an in-built alarm. The technology was pioneered in the 1940s. It also brings with it some presidential heritage, with Harry Truman donning it in 1953, followed by Richard Nixon and Lyndon B. Johnson.

There’s surely got to be a Rolex
What would be a better watch than a Rolex as you take the pledge as POTUS? Biden sported a Rolex Datejust, which he also wore on his first day at the office. His pick is the Oyster Steel model with a jubilee bracelet and a presidential blue dial. This classic from the Crown effortlessly doubles up as a regal ornament.

Joe Biden became the first US President to wear the Apple Watch. Via – @Potus Via Instagram / @niccoloy

Oh, and a smartwatch too
Now, now, it’s 2021. So, it goes without guesses that the President owns a smartwatch too. In all likelihood, Biden is the first POTUS to wear the Apple Watch inside the Oval Office. He also wore it during the famous final Presidential Debate, before the country went to the polls. With this powerful device by his side, he can not only keep track of his communication and updates but can also track his health. The last memory of a President who was obsessed with his health was Frank Underwood, and we’re grateful that he pure fiction.

An emblem of modesty
We were rather surprised when the Biden sported the modest Seiko 7T32 6M90 – a chronograph that was available just before the turn of the millennium. It is quite a rare find but doesn’t fall in the illustrious price brackets of the aforementioned timepieces. What’s more is that it is also a rare find, these days. Biden wears it to his daily meetings and was also seen wearing it to some of his campaign rallies. It comes with a two-toned silver-gold bracelet. He wore this watch during his endearing speech to the nation, just after he was declared President. This humble timepiece costs just $300.

Donald Trump wearing his Vacheron Constantin Historiques 1968 in the Oval Office – Via – AP

This is a stark contrast from Trump’s collection that is decked with Patek Phillipe and Vacheron Constantin’s timepieces. He was even photographed wearing VC’s Historiques Ultra-Fine 1968, in the Oval Office, a watch that costs $36,000, which could be way more than the value of Biden’s entire collection.

Biden wore the Tissot T-Touch during his vice presidency. Via – @ Maxim.

And why not just a sprinkle of sportiness
One wouldn’t count President Biden as one who would flaunt a sports watch. But he did. He was spotted wearing a Tissot T-Touch in 2010, when he was still the VP under President Obama. The watch belongs to Tissot’s adventure category and offers a host of features that help travelers and adventurers on long journeys, including a barometer, compass, thermometer, and altimeter. Maybe the President would carry this one along when he’s out in his winter expeditions this year if any. Biden’s watch has a stainless steel case and a black rubber strap. It costs $1000.

There’s a lot to unravel about the President because, like his watches, he comes with a mixed bag for everything. It’s hard to pick his favorite genre with everything from sports watches to rare classics and even practical everyday, low-budget ones making up his collection.

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