Kanye West gets his teeth replaced with gold and diamonds implants

I know that diamonds are the hardest stones in the world, stronger than the teeth enamel, for sure. But that doesn’t mean you would trade diamonds for your teeth, right (unless you’re the tooth fairy, of course)? Kanye West is no tooth fairy but surely doesn’t know how to put all his extra dough to productive use. Flashing his sparkling smile on the host Ellen DeGeneres show West revelaed a row of diamonds on the bottom row of his teeth!

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diamond_teeth.jpgThe lower line of West’s teeth has gold implants with sparkling diamonds. He goes on to justify his actions by telling Ellen ‘I just thought that diamonds were cooler,’ and later added that he asked his dentist to get rid of his bottom row of teeth and replace them. Strange of the ways of the rich!
[Daily Mail]

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