Linzi Stoppard bares to model the world’s most expensive electric violin

The world’s most expensive electric violin has now also become one of the most sensuous instruments ever, courtesy of the latest photoshoot that involved Linzi Stoppard posing in the nude with this instrument. In one image, the 31-year-old preserves her modesty with a strategically placed instrument, while another one features her draped in nothing but a piece of lace. If you can get your eyes off the sensuous beauty, you will realize the violin is no ordinary instrument and gets its world’s most expensive electric violin tag courtesy of 50,000 Swarovski crystals that adorn it! Made by Swarovski for Linzi and her musical partner Ben Lee, who make up the heavy-metal inspired violin act FUSE, these Bridle violins are the most dazzling electric violins ever. They are priced at a whopping £1million ($1.4million).
Roll over to see Linzi dare to bare all for the pair………

The violins were unveiled yesterday at Harrods, London, and will be on display for the public till June 2. Linzi seems to approve of these bespoke instruments and says, “we love the fact that whilst they have become pieces of art, we can still play the songs from our new album Fuse on them.’ Truly breathtaking, these violins are what we call, “functional piece of art.”
Update – The previous images of this post have been swapped with the current one due to copyright issues. Those keen to see the original pictures of the World’s most expensive electric violin can click on the source of Daily Mail.

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