Mark Zuckerberg buys four houses near his Palo Alto mansion for privacy

Facebook’s recent decision to tweak its privacy policies might have sparked a fresh controversy and was in the news all week, but in separate news, it has been reported that Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped more than $30 million to buy four residential properties around his house to safeguard his own privacy. Zuckerberg’s 5 bedroom mansion is located in one the toniest locations of Palo Alto. The 29-year old billionaire paid top dollar to acquire four properties located next door and behind his existing house in which he has been living with his wife Priscilla Chan since December, 2011.

Though Zuckerberg can afford to spend millions of dollars to build him a mega-compound, but his buying spree was sparked off last December when a local developer was trying to by an adjacent property in a bid to market is as being next-door to Mark Zuckerberg. According to sources however, Mark plans to lease them back to the current occupants and families living there. Some prominent personalities of the tech world are residents of the same locality including Google’s Larry Page and late Steve Jobs.

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