Mark Zuckerberg tells all 71,970 employees of Meta that they will be called ‘Metamates’ from now on

It was in October last year when Facebook was rebranded into Meta as an effort to focus on its ambitions of building the “metaverse.” The holding company even adopted the infinity loop as its new logo. Continuing with the rebranding process, Mark Zuckerberg has come up with a new name for all the employees working for the American tech giant. From now on, the staff working for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and other businesses under Meta are to be referred to as “Metamates,” which antiquated the old moniker “Facebookers.” The new corporate nickname was revealed during an all-staff meeting Tuesday where some rewording of Facebook’s core values was announced. “Now is the right time to update our values and our cultural operating system,” Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook page after the company-wide meeting.

The Metamates nickname quickly became the butt of all jokes meeting with widespread mockery on the internet, especially on Twitter. Even Meta employees were quick to contribute, flooding the micro-blogging platform with jokes. “Metamates report to the Metatorium for a Metameeting,” one Twitter user wrote, while another tweet quipped “Metamates? More like metastases.”

Some Twitter commenters even compared the new nickname to that of a silly dating app. One employee poked fun at the new name on the company’s internal chat saying: “Does this mean we are on a sinking ship?”

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Via Instagram / @tank.sinatra

However, the billionaire Meta CEO was in no mood to joke when he introduced the new moniker. The term Metamates is said to be inspired by the old Navy phrase “Ship Shipmate Self” which means to first put the success and wellbeing of the ship over everything, and then the success and wellbeing of our shipmates over our own. The term Metamates has been coined for the employees for not only a unified identity but also for them to have a greater sense of ownership of the company rather than simply working for paychecks.

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