Mark Facebook Zuckerberg’s fortune doubles to $14 billion

For a company that manufactures nothing and has managed to bring back the dot com revolution back in our face, is back in news for its money spinning ways! Mark “FacebookZuckerberg just got richer by £4.5 billion ($6.97 billion) after banking giant Goldman Sachs decided to pump in a massive £290 million ($449.15) into his social networking site. Coupled with a £32 million ($50 million) investment from Russian company Digital Sky Technologies the site is now valued at £32 billion ($50 billion). Despite being pushed into the top 40 of the of Forbes’ list of billionaires from spot no. 212, Zukerberg, 26 continues to live with his long-term girlfriend Priscilla Chan, in a rested setup at Stanford California. Talk about humility!

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