To hide from the divorce fallout, Melinda Gates fled to a $130,000 a night private island with the kids. The family did not invite Bill to this Caribbean island.

If there’s any news that holds the potential to overshadow other problems of our world like the pandemic, climate change, and so on, it is the split of Bill and Melinda Gates. Bill and Melinda Gates wanted to announce their divorce in March, but their lawyers stopped them because they hadn’t yet finalized their settlement. So she went with the children to a $132,000-a-night private Caribbean island to hide away from the media, and Bill wasn’t invited. Apparently, the kids are furious with their father, so he wasn’t invited, but for now, no one knows why they were angry with him. This post is not about the family drama, but Melinda and her children Jennifer, Rory, and Phoebe chose to avoid the drama. Let’s delve right into the island Melinda rented for solace:

The Calivigny Island is famous with the rich and famous of the world and owned by French millionaire Georges Cohen, who bought it for his wife Martine in 2000. Justin Bieber rented it for his 21st birthday in 2015, and the Kardashians have also visited.

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The island houses 25 suites, the main house called The Overhang is commodious for 18 guests, and three beach cottages. There are Michelin star chefs, private trainers, yoga teachers, yachts, and water sports.

Calivigny Island is aptly described as a ‘private paradise.’ The perfect place for Melinda to flee after the pair went public with the divorce announcement.

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The entire island serves as a private resort with stunning indoor and outdoor spas, Michelin star chefs, and private trainers on hand.

This is their last picture together taken during a Zoom appearance on April 19 at One World: Together At Home, a broadcast special to support healthcare workers where the couple posed a united front.

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