Michael Jackson portrait by Andy Warhol estimated to fetch millions

Michael Jackson lives on and there is no way that his fans are going let his memories fade out. Here is your chance to grab him errr his pricey portrait from an auction in New York. Andy Warhol is the man behind the green-hued Thriller-era artwork. Estimated to fetch millions, this MJ portrait will be on display from the 6th of August at London’s British Music Experience, inside the venue where he was scheduled to perform for his biggest comeback. Sized at 30 x 26 inches, the starting price is believed to be £500,000 ($840,000). Since both the artists, Jackson and Warhol, are no more with us, this portrait carries more worth than estimated. This 1984 portrait was captured at the peak of both the artist’s careers. And if your pockets are not million-dollar deep, then you can settle for the Michael Jackson Thriller figure to worship him.

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