From Dubai to Salt Lake City, here are 10 of the most popular Kim Kardashian clones – These celebrities have spent a fortune in plastic surgery just to look like a Kim K doppelganger.

The Kim Kardashian doppelgänger club – can you spot the real one? Photos: @soniaxfyza, @kamiosman, @kimkardashian, @huda, @kimlee/Instagram

Magic mirror in my hand, who has the most wanted face in all the land? Dr Jason Diamond, a celebrity plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills, says he has the answer: Kim Kardashian. “Kim is far and away the most highly requested face – there is not even a close second,” he told WWD.

In fact, every month or so a new Kim twin comes to light in another corner of the globe from Europe to the Middle East, Asia to Australia. It seems for many of her fans, “keeping up” with this particular Kardashian isn’t enough – they actually need to be her. And then there are famous people from around the world, including beauty influencers working with cosmetic brands, who also just happen to look a lot like her, and use it to their advantage online. But just who is the Kimmiest?

Game recognises game: Huda Kattan was endorsed by doppelgänger Kim Kardashian early on in her beauty career. Photo: @huda/Instagram

1. Huda Kattan
With her gentle bone structure and full lips, Dubai-based influencer-turned-beauty mogul Huda Kattan is known as the “Kim Kardashian of the Middle East”.

Kardashian herself was responsible for boosting Kattan’s fame after declaring herself a fan of her Huda Beauty line’s first product – a set of false eyelashes – back in 2013. They became friends and Kattan also gave Kardashian’s KKW Beauty range a glowing endorsement when it was launched.

Kattan was open about the surgery work she’d had done in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, explaining that she’d had a nose job and fillers in her cheeks, face and lips.

Jen Shah, The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star. Photo: @therealjenshah/Instagram

2. Jen Shah
The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star – who is currently embroiled in a wire fraud and money laundering legal scandal – is what some believe Kardashian could look like in a few years’ time. Fans of the show also can’t stop talking about how much Shah sounds and behaves like Kardashian – all the way down to the little sign on her desk that reads “I literally can’t even”. And while Shah hasn’t outright admitted to having work done, before and after photos show that she’s certainly become more Kim-like in recent years.

The “Lady Gaga of Serbia” won fans for her bold looks – including Kim Kardashian’s stylists? Photo: @karleusastar/Instagram

3. Jelena Karleuša
Who can forget Kardashian’s bold blonde look and the daring outfits that went with it? Not pop singer Jelena Karleuša, it seems. The “Lady Gaga of Serbia” quite rightly pointed out the uncanny resemblance to her own style, adding that Kardashian’s stylists might have been inspired by her Instagram account when she was spotted with the exact same sunglasses, pencil skirt, sheer black top and peroxide blonde hair. Styling aside, it’s pretty hard to tell the two apart regardless, as these photos show.

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Who copies who? Jelena Karleuša and Kim Kardashian seemed entirely interchangeable at one point. Photo: @karleusastar/Instagram

You’d be forgiven for thinking this is a photo of Kim Kardashian, but it’s actually Sonia Ali. Photo: @soniaxfyza/Instagram

4. Sonia Ali of Sonia + Fyza
Looking at a photo of Sonia Ali – another Dubai-based beauty influencer from the UK – you would think it was Kardashian. Even putting their photos side by side doesn’t make it easier. It’s even been said that Sonia looks more like Kardashian than she does herself.

Via Instagram / @fansfyzaxsonia

To add to the insanity of the similarities, when Sonia is photographed with her sister, Fyza, it’s impossible not to see Kim and Kylie Jenner. Fyza, a beauty influencer who shares her Instagram account (titled Sonia + Fyza) of 1.3 million followers with Sonia, is a dead ringer for Jenner.

Both ladies have confirmed that they were naturally born with Kim and Kylie’s looks. “In the Middle East, every single woman has a ‘Kardashian look’ … My grandmother looked like Kim before Kim looked like Kim!” Sonia said, according to Refinery29.

Bling Empire’s voluptuous Kim Lee went from model to reality star, just like Kardashian. Photo: @kimlee/Instagram

5. Kim Lee
Sharing a first name isn’t the only reason Kim Lee is known as “the Asian Kim Kardashian”. The French-Vietnamese star of Netflix’s Bling Empire has been compared to Kardashian for following a similar path to fame, starting out as a model, then a DJ, and eventually a reality TV star. She even danced in one of Kanye West’s music videos, according to Screen Rant, and her mother joined her in Bling Empire too, let’s not forget.

Kamilla Osman not only looks like Kim Kardashian, but is also part of her social circle. Photo: @kamiosman/Instagram

6. Kamilla Osman
When Kamilla Osman showed up unexpectedly on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, viewers did a double take. Their looks are strikingly similar, from their cheekbones to their perfectly contoured noses. Osman even dated Kylie’s long-time ex, Tyga.

The Canadian fashion blogger and singer admitted to Entertainment Tonight that she’s gone under the knife twice – once for medical reasons to fix her nose’s deviated septum, and at the age of 15 or 16 to get fuller lips. She says she’s not trying to be like Kardashian though, even joking that she’s the “Walmart version” of her.

Melissa Molinaro said it was an “amazing compliment” to be told she looked like Kim Kardashian. Photo: @melissamolinaro/Instagram

7. Melissa Molinaro
When former American football player Reggie Bush was spotted with Melissa Molinaro in 2011 after his break-up with Kardashian a year before, it fooled some people into thinking that the pair were back together at first. Molinaro is a dead ringer for Kardashian in many ways, from her Kimmy-like face to her ultra curvy figure.

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The Canadian-American pop singer, actress and model was thrilled to be compared to Kardashian, saying it was an “amazing compliment” to Entertainment Tonight.

Antoinette Marie deliberately copies Kim K’s more head-turning outfits when out and about in Australia. Photo: @sydneyfashionblogger/Instagram

8. Antoinette Marie
With her plump lips, almond-shaped eyes and high cheekbones, Antoinette Marie has often been mistaken for Kardashian – especially on occasions when that’s what she’s clearly going for. The Australian fashion blogger has been mimicking Kardashian’s signature looks for a while now. When Kardashian went blonde, so did Marie. She’s also shown up at numerous events in daring outfits similar to Kardashian’s, including a duct tape shirt and net dress. In 2014, they staged a “twin” encounter during one of Kardashian’s promotional trips to Australia.

Thalia Almodovar spent a small fortune to look more like Kim Kardashian. Photo: @thaliaalmodova/Twitter

9. Thalia Almodovar
Thalia Almodovar got the world’s attention when it became known she’d spent some US$100,000 on plastic surgery and clothes to have the same face, body and style as her idol Kardashian, according to the UK’s Mirror. The New York native and trans make-up artist then became a breakout star after appearing on the reality show VH1 Beauty Bar.

“I love being mistaken for Kim … I’d like to be famous for who I am, but why not?” she told the Mirror, before adding that she was hunting for her own Kanye West, but finding it difficult because “sometimes guys just want to talk to me because I look like Kim without getting to know me – that annoys me”.

Is it the eyes or the contouring? Whichever way you look at it, Jelena Peric and Kim Kardashian look pretty similar. Photo: @j_make_up/Instagram

10. Jelena Peric
Almost overnight, Jelena Peric became one of the most-followed people on Instagram in her home country of Croatia, reaching a million followers after steadily gaining about 100,000 a month in her first year on the platform, according to Croatia Week. Her uncanny resemblance to Kardashian surely helped things along.

With her plump lips and similar eyes, hair and skin, the Croatian make-up artist often strikes similar photo poses to the reality TV queen, occasionally making it even more confusing to tell who is who. Her YouTube video tutorials teaching women how to get a Kardashian-esque look usually attract at least half a million views, despite her saying that she’s not creating them to “try to be or look like somebody else”.

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