Take a look at the amazing landscape photographs taken by Tom Anderson who sold MySpace for $580M

Remember MySpace ‘default first friend’ Tom? The social networking platform’s co-founder who is best recognized from a grainy, postage-stamp sized photo on his MySpace profile. Ever wondered what happened to him after he sold it for a whopping $580 million back in 2005? The illusive man behind MySpace (real name Tom Anderson), who has kept out of the public spotlight for many years, turns out to be an astonishingly good landscape photographer. A man who made a big fortune at a very young age, Tom has quit the maddening rat race of the tech world and is now enjoying his retired life by following his passion for photography.

Anderson, now 44, has been spending the past few years of his life traveling across the world and shooting National Geographic-style landscapes. “I was very happy with my results from the beginning,” Anderson told ABC News. “That’s highly unusual for me.” He picked up a passion for photography back in 2011 at the Burning Man Festival. He says his goal is to take one good picture every day and refers to photography as “a way of life” and “an intense passion.” Unlike most Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Tom looks at life differently. “If you knew me before MySpace, you’d probably thought I’d have been a scholar teaching philosophy in a university my whole life. If you met me before college, you’d probably have thought I’d be a musician for my entire life,” Anderson said. “I like change.” Have a look at Tom’s Instagram account where he shares most of his photos, it’s incredible.

#1 Guilin, China
#2 Bagan, Burma
#3 Japan
#4 Uyuni, Bolivia
#5 China


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