Naomi Campbell splurges $1.8 million on her 36th birthday

Nimble nymph Naomi Campbell made news for a ‘BASH’. Oh no, we are not discussing her temperamental and grouchy personality, nor did she blow up on anyone (for a change). What we are talking about here is her ‘birthday bash’. The Supermodel celebrated her 36th birthday on Monday (22MAY06) with a three-day bash at Burj Al Arab, the world’s first seven-star hotel in Dubai, and all 18 floors of the hotel were hired out. Her birthday celebrations stretched for 3 days and at a cost of about $1.8 million. The three-day-long celebration (I wonder why 3 days? is it like 1 day for 12 years each.) had a variety of themes. The bash began on Sunday (21MAY06) and will follow an ‘All White’ theme, while Monday is ‘Hip Hop’ and Tuesday is ‘Brazilian Samba’. The guest-list is very high-profile too.

It includes Campbell’s fellow models Linda Evangelista and Eve Herzigova and British football ace David Beckham with wife Victoria. Naomi’s boyfriend Badr Jafar, whom she has been dating for eight months now, will be playing host. Apparently, he will be gifting her a super-large diamond in order to celebrate their relationship. Now if the rock isn’t big enough is she going to defenestrate him? How self-indulgent can someone be? You know where to find the answer anyways, happy birthday Ms. Campbell.

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