Nothing less than a Bentley car-seat will do for Wayne Rooney’s son

Coleen and Wayne Rooney’s little boy, Kai Rooney, at 22 months is probably the youngest most recognized celebrity kids. After all those swimming, riding lessons and strutting around in his Manchester United kit, this time it’s the customized Bentley car-seat that brings him under the spotlight. Coleen posted picture of Kai on Twitter, with him strapped up in a leather car-seat, emblazoned with the famous wings of the Bentley symbol. The duo was on their way down to London for a photo shoot for her new Littlewoods clothes collection. Sitting pretty in a stripped blazer, Kai sure seems to enjoy the finer things in life and is one lucky tot. After all, a custom car seat for a child that too from a brand like Bentley could cost up to £2,000 ($3,100). But with his dad currently drawing a salary of around £250,000 ($385,000) per week at Manchester United, the cost hardly matters.

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