Only Donald Trump can tip $10,000 for an $82 meal

Every time I dine outside, the most debatable issue arises when its time to tip. My guy feels that it isn’t necessary to tip generously which I cannot digest by far. One should put himself in the waiter’s shoes to realize the significance of the sum of the tip to him. That’s exactly what Mr. Donald Trump must have done when he left $10,000 as a tip to a waiter at the Buffalo Club in Santa Monica. The lucky skunk Billy Derober got this titanic sum for a bill of mere $82. Roll over for the story from the horse’s mouth……….

“Donald Trump came in for dinner on Monday at the Buffalo Club. The reservation was under his friend’s name so nobody was expecting him to come in. I assume he’s in LA preparing for the celebrity Apprentice thing he’s doing. We have a special area for VIP’s so the celebs can see and be seen with each other. Donald ordered an ice tea and his friend showed up 10 minutes later. When I was telling them about the specials, I felt like an airline steward must feel giving instructions before takeoff. They just talked over me. Neither touched the soup. Donald ordered the pasta and the other guy had the same. When they were finished, they both ordered cappuccinos. We’re sort of famous for our capps! My co-worker wanted me to ask him for his autograph so he could give it to his dad for Christmas. Yeah right. I finally brought them out of the check. Trump grabbed it and actually spoke to me for the first time.“What’s the biggest tip you ever got?”Jerry Bruckheimer comes in a lot. He tipped me $500 on a $1000 check once.”Trump nodded his head.“You’re very good at your job.” Thanks.”Trump and the other guy got up to leave, said thanks again, and left. I went back to the table to grab the check but didn’t have time to look at it until later. When I did, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Honestly, at first, I thought he had tipped me $1000. But when I looked a second (and twentieth) time, it was actually $10,000. I was speechless. Honestly, it was a really rough month for me. Who thought Donald Trump of all people would make my year? But he did. I actually tried calling his office to say thanks which is impossible. So if you’re reading this, Mr. Trump, thank you!”

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