Paris Hilton spruces up her Pink Bentley with a £200,000 diamond-encrusted dashboard

Paris Hilton, the celebrity we love to hate is back in the news. What is she up to this time? The lady has decided to add a touch of sparkle to her already striking and attention grabbing pink Bentley. How? By ordering a £200,000 ($280,490) diamond-encrusted dashboard that is more expensive than car itself! (As if the shocking pink wasn’t enough to ruin the beautiful cars beauty). Probably another way of showing that she is definitely not affected by the recession. However, the lady might have to wait for awhile to have this sparkling enhancement as the Cheshire plant is halting production until May due to the economic downturn. That leaves enough times for her neighbors to run for cover before their eyes are treated to this horrible sight! The crazy celebrity is definitely leaving no stones unturned to give her car the pampering she thinks it deserves.

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This is one car that would definitely kill by its looks! Remember we warned you.
Thanks Bob