Paul Allen buys a MiG-29 jet fighter

When you have the power and the money, you can buy the world. Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen believes so, and he is proving it by purchasing a MiG-29 jet fighter. On display at his private museum in Everett, Washington, he will have it delivered to a private place soon. The MiG was part of the Ukrainian air force and was bought by John Sessions. No price has been disclosed, but we can only imagine the worth of this opulent purchase. Allen is well-known for his grand collection, including a 414ft-long Octopus yacht, Portland Trail Blazers basketball team, the Seattle Seahawks gridiron team, and a stake in the Seattle Sounders soccer team.

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He recently also developed an interest in aircraft, mainly World War II planes. His aviation craze is also apparent in funding SpaceShipOne, the first company to launch a private flight into suborbital space.
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