Pharrell Williams flashes his 18-Karat-gold BlackBerry 8700b

The most popular adage is…diamonds are forever; but not a soul will shy away from fact the gold rules in any form for any sex! The mogul-turned-singer Pharrell Williams showed off his new 18-karat-gold BlackBerry 8700b during a stopover in New York to promote his solo album, “In My Mind.” Williams’ Blackberry was designed by Jacob Arabo, the New York bling king known as Jacob the Jeweler. It is believed that Williams is the new spokesman for BlackBerry 8700b (the b denotes bling). For a change, this glitzy cell is not skeletal nor does it flip open, but it’s made out of gold for sure!

This BlackBerry doesn’t have a camera, but, chances are if you are carrying this bad boy around with you there is always some paparazzi nearby that would be more than happy to take a quick picture for you. Jacob the Jeweler is not just a bauble maker but an icon and a symbol of attainment in the fiercely brand-obsessed hip-hop universe. His name appeared in hip-hop lyrics and even in a Def Jam video game. The May 2006 cover of Vogue magazine featured actress Keira Knightley wearing a pair of Arabo’s diamond earrings.

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