Queen all set to purchase $14.6 million private jet

Tax payers can finally heave a sigh of relief as the Royal family’s next investment promises to increase their saving. For the first time in 57 years of her reign, the Queen will own her very own aircraft. Apparently by March next year, the Queen has plans to buy a £9million ($14.6 million) jet. The Sikorsky chopper, a six-seater helicopter which will be leased for £500,000 ($810,000) a year is also scheduled to arrive next month. Until now the Royal’s have had to share planes from 32 Squadron RAF with senior politicians and military top brass or charter expensive flights for official trips. The Department for Transport approved the acquisition of a private jet last year. A source claims that this investment will definitely prove beneficial for tax payers in the long run as it will help them save substantially.

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The source also informs that the Queen will try to limit the use of her chopper and aircraft in order to keep the costs down. Prince Charles, are you listening?