Robert De Niro to play Enzo Ferrari in big-budget biopic

Hollywood superstar Robert De Niro has revealed that he will play Enzo Ferrari in a big-budget biopic of the legendary Italian. Speaking to the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero, the 71-year old veteran actor confirmed the news that he’s slated to play Enzo Ferrari in a movie due out in 2016. According to reports, the new film has been given the green light and that it is due to start production soon in Italy. The film will be a collaboration between producer Gianni Bozzacchi’s Triworld Cinema and De Niro’s Tribeca Enterprises. It’s been almost three decades since Enzo Ferrari’s death yet he remains one of the most enigmatic figures in all of automotive history.

De Niro will portray il Commendatore over the majority of his career spanning from the car company’s founding days after WWII to Enzo’s last days in the 1980s. “It is an honor and a joy to tell the life of an extraordinary man who revolutionized the automotive world,” De Niro told the newspaper. There are also rumors that Clint Eastwood could take up the duty to direct the biopic. “The film will be titled Ferrari and will be based on an epic story,” Triworld Cinema’s Bozzacchi told Italian newspaper Il Messaggero. “It will have a high budget and will cover a wide span . . . in a twisted game of eras and episodes.” The writers of Oliver Stone’s Nixon, Stephen J Rivele and Christoper Wilkinson, have also been linked to the movie.

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