Sir Richard Branson struggles to keep his “eco-friendly” Mosquito island dream alive

Imagine buying an island to entrain high-profile guests and your plan getting washed away quite literally. That’s exactly what happened with Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin tycoon. He purchased the Mosquito Island for $15 million. But the exclusive eco-friendly villas will now have to be made publically open too! As per the local law, any beach that comes up to the high-water mark is Crown land, and hence is open to the public visits. This would be a major hurdle as the Necker beaches are difficult to enjoy as they are a five-minute boat ride away from Mosquito and a large security presence is around when high-profile guests are out for a visit.

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Purchased from Viscount Cobham for a meager $277,680 the 120 acres land will feature 20 Balinese-style villas. The building material will consist of carbon-neutral; wind, wave and sun would provide the power; and the place will also have a butterfly park.